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Complete revival of this 1900’s era Edwardian establishment

Challenging restoration of a 1900s Edwardian era slate roof

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Slate Roof Replacement

This completed refurbishment included chimneys, timber, painting and metal. What we truly enjoy is that this is all orchestrated inhouse from ground up, safety items and trusted outside trades included.

Originated in 1912 with its beautiful Edwardian design, this project made for an enjoyable challenge.

All of the old roof slate and timber had to be removed, the roof was adjusted back to its former position, and then a new roof installed.

Glendyne slate was chosen and what a beautiful outcome, the soul of this bit of history was saved!

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What The Client Wanted to Achieve
Quality results
Preserving the heritage as well knowledge of heritage rules and regulations
Complete control from start to finish
Architectural knowledge